Zeolite (Cliniptilolite) Powder

Our zeolite, is a crystal that has been ground down into a powdered form is renowned for its detoxing potential due to its strong electrical attraction to heavy metal toxins and the ability to hold them within its cage-like structure.

We offer a 300 micron grade which leaves a sandy residue when mixed in water. The residue is simply the larger particles, too heavy to be suspended in water, sinking to the bottom of the glass. Recently, we have also added a 40 micron grade which is much finer, virtually all the particles remain suspended in water when mixed. (When left they will everntually settle at the bottom of the glass) Both are high quality with minimal contaminant levels.

Zeolite (Cliniptilolite) 300 micron

Material Data Sheet: hv_zeolitemsds
Particle Size Analysis: hv_zeolite300size
Technical Data Analysis: Tech-Clinoptilolite-0-300um.pdf

Zeolite (Cliniptilolite) 40 micron NEW!

Particle Size Analysis: hv_zeolite40size
Technical Data Analysis: Tech-Clinoptilolite-0-40um.pdf

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