Bentonite Clays

Bentonite clay is renowned for its amazing swelling properties and detox potential.

We currently offer 2 types of bentonite clay, a sodium bentonite with a high pH, sourced from Wyoming, USA and a calcium bentonite clay from Spain.


Q) Can I take bentonite clay internally?

A) Many places recommend internal consumption of bentonite clay for detox and other purposes. Although we have used it internally ourselves, you will have to make your own decision regarding this as it is not specifically classed as food grade, even though they may be from the same sources as others elsewhere class as food grade. Bentonite Clay is accepted as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) for internal consumption which means that there are not lots of people experiencing severe problems by consuming it, However you should be aware that by its nature of being a strong attractor to toxins, it already has a level of toxins absorbed. Our belief is that these are strongly bound to the clay structure and should not easily be released into the body, but extra caution should be taken, particularly in case of pregnancy for example.

Please see the data sheets below for more details.

Sodium Bentonite Clay

Material Data Sheet SDS-Wyoming-Sodium-Bentonite.pdf
Technical Data Sheet Tech-Wyoming-Sodium-Bentonite-2016.pdf

Calcium Bentonite Clay (pH 6, Spanish)

Material Data Sheet SDS-Calcium-Bentonite-Powder.pdf
Technical Data Sheet Tech-Calcium-Bentonite-Powder.pdf

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