Magnesium Oil

What is Magnesium Oil?
Magnesium Oil is a mix of Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate with water (or hydrolat). It is not technically an oil, but does have an oily consistency.

Why is Magnesium so important?
Magnesium is used by over 300 processes in the body. It helps to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. Magnesium levels are very easily depleted by everyday lives including stress, poor nutrition and medications.

Am I deficient in Magnesium?
It is estimated that at least 70% of us are Magnesium deficient! Common symptoms include blood/circulaton/heart conditions, muscular aches/pain/cramps, joint pain/arthiritis/rheumatism, sleep disturbance/insomnia, skin conditions, migraine/headaches, inability to relax, restless leg syndrome, digestive disturbances, muscular tension and stiffness, depression, reduced immunity and much more.

Why use Magnesium Oil?
Applying Magnesium oil to the skin allows the magnesium to absorb in through the skin and directly into the muscles and tissues where it is needed. This is known as transdermal absorption, and it is far more effective than any oral supplementation available today.

What is the problem with Oral Magnesium Supplements?
Regardless of the form of oral magnesium supplementation, only a percentage actually gets absorbed into your system (up to 40%). Trying to ingest more oral supplements simply causes stomach upset. Transdermal magnesium can absorb far more magnesium than oral supplements as your skin is the largest organ of the body!

What about Epsom Salts?
Epsom Salts are Magnesium Sulphate. The effect of bathing in an Epsom salt bath is more drawing (useful to help release toxins and drawing splinters, boils, etc.). They also have a relaxing effect but the amount of Magnesium absorbed into the body from an Epsom salt bath is minimal.

Why Holistic Valley Magnesium Oil
As a small, ethical, family company in the UK, and we have been offering the Magnesium Flakes since 2011. We have received very positive feeedback from customers who have found benefit in using magnesium flakes, and by popular demand, we are now offering the convenience of magnesium oil, formulated by our aromatherapists and nutritional therapists. Others on the market are so over-priced and many are made with the addition of unnecessary chemicals, despite claiming to be natural. Holistic Valley Magnesium Oil is competitively and fairly priced and is 100% natural- guaranteed!

About Our Range.
We offer a regular magnesium oil made with purified water and also a range of mangesium oils made using natural hydrolats (floral water) which are the by-product of essential oil manufacture. By using hydrolats, there is no need for chemicals (such as dispersants or emulgators) which are added by other manufacturers. The oil is made to a high, optimum strength offering efficient absorption and potency.

How to use.
Apply on a small, non-sensitive area first. A signigicant amount of magnesium can be absorbed transdermally in a short space of time, so if you don’t like the slightly greasy feel that it has on your skin, simply wash it off after 15-20 minutes! It is ideal to use before showering. If you experience tingling or itching, this may be a sign that you are very magnesium deficient, so build up slowly, or dilute the oil further by diluting before applying, building up in strength. As your magnesium levels increase, the sensation will diminish. It is also a good idea to rotate the areas of the body it is applied such as arms one day, legs the next day and torso the next day.

Magnesium Oil – Pure
Magnesium Oil made with Magnesium Chloride in De-Ionized water.
High Strength Magnesium Oil to boost your magnesium levels transdermally. Ideal to use at any time of day.

Magnesium Oil – Relax
Made with Magnesium Chloride in Lavender Hydrolat. The relaxing synergistic combination of magnesium with Lavender!
Ideal to use in the evening to help relax after a hard day.

Magnesium Oil – For Him
Made with Magnesium Chloride in Sandalwood Hydrolat.
The calming and grounding properties of Sandalwood blends wonderfully with relaxing properties of magnesium with a distinctly masculine fragrance. Ideal to use after workout or as a deodorant.

Magnesium Oil – For Her
Made with Magnesium Chloride in Rose Hydrolat.
The balancing and rejuvenation properties of rose combines wonderfully with the relaxing properties of magnesium with a beautiful feminine fragrance. Ideal after a workout or as a deodorant.