We offer a large range of high quality essential oils, carrier oils and other aromatherapy products such as SLS, SLES & Paraben-free cosmetic bases and raw materials. We buy our products from trusted and established ethical importers of aromatherapy products.

Our products are very modestly priced as we bottle and label all products ourselves, omitting the need for factory processing and ensuring the products you receive are the freshest available. We can also keep our prices low as whilst we strictly follow Trading Standards and the Aromatherapy Trade Council’s recommendations, we do not feel the need to pay extremely expensive fees to be a part of any professional bodies as this will greatly inflate our prices.

We have been supplying our own label aromatherapy products since 2004 and receive many compliments and excellent feedback on the quality of our oils and products. We are slowly increasing our organic range, replacing non-organic oils where the cost is not prohibitive.

All our essential oils and carrier oils are completely natural unless stated otherwise. Therefore, they are suitable for the full range of uses applicable to each oil including aromatherapy preparations and for certain oils, food use. In the case of essential oils, these must of course be diluted sufficiently before use.

A common sense approach is always best, and when mixing essential oils, it is usually recommended to start with a weaker dilution as it is easier to add more essential oils to make a preparation stronger if unsure.

We usually recommend about 3% essential oils as a maximum guide for aromatherapy skin preparations, weaker again if to be applied on facial or sensitive areas and for some of the more potent essential oils.

Essential oils are extremely potent so care must be taken, especially in the case of pregnancy or allergies.

Please find specific essential oil spec sheets and MSDS sheets below. Compiling specific data sheets is time consuming so tend to be created upon demand. Please contact us if you would like us to add information sheets for a specific oil or oils.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita)




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