NON-GM Supporting Documentation

Holistic Valley has a strict non-GM policy. Our main suppliers also share our values on this matter, however for your assurance we are also adding additional information here for selected products that are particularly prone to having GM origins.

Ascorbic Acid
There is much information on the internet about Ascorbic Acid powder being Genetically Modified, particularly that sourced from China. Of course we checked with our supplier that the product we get from them is not GM. Please see the following document of confirmation:-
Ascorbic Acid Helbei GMO

Vegetable Glycerine
This is another product that is frequently from a genetically modified source. The vast majority on the market are derived from EU Rapeseed which is by far the most Genetically Modified crop. We always ensure our supplies are non-GM origin, at time of writing our current vegetable glycerine is sourced from a UK company that certifies it is non-gm origin and is actually derived from coconut/palm oil.

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