About Us

We started out as Shop Holistic in 2004 and as we were importing and packaging many of our own products, within a few months we decided to brand all our products with ‘Holistic Valley’ – the name coming about as our first premises was in a South Wales valley!

We have always greatly cared about the quality of products we offer, and have had much advice from organisations such as Trading Standards who have been extremely supportive in ensuring we are offering the best service, taking into account all of their safety and legislative criteria in our product handling, labelling and instruction sheets. We work closely with a nutritional therapist, Yoga teacher and aromatherapist to assist in the selection of products to ensure the correct and most beneficial products are offered.

When we first started out, many natural health products were extremely difficult to source in the UK and what was available was fairly highly priced meaning that the alternative options were not available to all, including ourselves! So we began our mission to introduce hard-to-find products into the UK at prices that opened up the market to those who previously could not afford to take the alternative route.

We have remained true to our mission and are constantly striving to offer products at the lowest prices possible so more people can find benefit with them.

During our time in the natural health field we have realised how much other companies pay for their products, and therefore how much of a profit margin they actually are making and how the market is being manipulated and exploited. The only conclusions that we have been able to come to as to why others are charging so much are either greed or snobbery, and some who we have realised want to exploit the market we have previously refused to supply!

To additionally keep admin costs to a minimum, we obtain MSDS and analysis sheets on our products by request, and once the documentation is obtained, we upload it to the website. So any further information you require please get in touch.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would also be very happy to receive feedback and comments on our products so we may publish them on our website, and so we can assure our intended high quality of product and service is being met.