Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt (Food Grade)
We source our food grade himalayan salt from a well-established and trusted supplier in the UK who has direct family links with the source mines in Pakistan.

We have been made aware that there are inferior grades of himalayan salt for salt with no or false certification. We can confirm that the certification documents received relate directly to our supplier.

There is also much false or hyped information about himalayan salt (both positive and negative). In particular there are claims by manufacturers and resellers of other types of salt that himalayan salt is inferior and even toxic! Yet these same companies are slow to produce documentation on their own products! Another claim is that himalayan salt has high levels of fluoride. A trusted customer of ours independently tested our extra-fine himalayan salt (without our prior knowledge) and could not detect any. So although this has not been laboratory certified, we are happy that this reflects the high quality of our himalayan salt.

Please download our certificate of analysis below.

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